Buckeye vote disappointing

ST. CLAIRSVILLE – Voters rejected proposed levies for Buckeye Local and the Jefferson County Joint Vocational School during Tuesday’s primary.

Buckeye Local School District’s proposed 2.1-mill, five-year emergency levy was rejected by Jefferson County’s 21 precincts at 1,376 against and 724 in favor, or 65.52 percent to 34.48 percent. Belmont County voters from three districts rejected the levy with 79 opposed and 45 in favor, or 63.41 percent to 36.59 percent.

“It’s very disappointing,” said Superintendent Mark Miller. “Buckeye Local will continue to be a strong academic school. We will continue to turn out the best students and make them strong, productive citizens in our community.”

However, the plans for safety upgrades including communications improvements, added cameras, training, and the presence of resource officers cannot proceed.

“Without this additional revenue, they will not happen,” he said. “Security measures proposed in the levy will not be possible.”

The levy would have generated $630,000 annually for the three elementary buildings and high school. Total estimated revenue raised in five years would have been $3.15 million.

He added that at this time there is no plan to place the levy on the ballot again. He thanked the community members, principals and teachers for their hard work in taking the lead to promote the levy.

“I wish to thank everyone that helped in the levy effort and continue to support our schools,” he said.

In addition, the JVS proposed additional current expenses levy was rejected by 76 Jefferson County precincts by a narrow margin of 4,607 votes against to 4,019 in favor, or 53.41 percent to 46.59 percent. Belmont County’s three precincts delivered 79 votes opposed to 45 in favor, or 63.71 percent to 36.29 percent.

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