Courthouse getting facelift

CADIZ – A ticking clock on top of the Harrison County Courthouse is one obvious sign that the commissioners are taking steps to restore the historical structure. Additional courthouse restoration was discussed at the commissioners’ meeting Wednesday.

Chairman Don Bethel had stated previously that the board had met with representatives of a company which they are considering for restoration of the statue of John A Bingham, prosecutor of Lincoln’s assassins, on the North Lawn and cannons outside of the courthouse.

“What I would like to see is to bring these historical items back to their original condition,” Bethel said. I am 51 years old and for as long as I can remember that statue has been green. Our feelings are that every county resident deserves to see the statue in it’s original condition at least once in their lifetime.”

“It seems to me as a pretty good cost benefit because it really comes down to our identity and history,” said Bethel. “I think it’s important because like the clock, it’s a focal point of the historical Square.”

“The statue would need to be removed temporarily and taken to the facility for cleaning,” Bethel added. “The cannons would also be removed from their carriages.”

Assistant Harrison County Prosecutor Michael Washington spoke to the board regarding the carriages, stating that they were in a state of deterioration and recommended a wood worker in Holmes County who had worked on restorations of other cannons.

The board is also working to repair damage to the stairs and porches and hope to remove the white chain and reopen the front entrance to the facility when work is completed.

Doug Crabtree brought three road use and maintenance agreements (RUMA) to the board for approval A special request from Cardinal Gas Services was made modifying the previous RUMA for CR 45. Stating concerns with the close proximity of houses to the road and children at play near the haul route, the company requesting rerouting access from the opposite direction.

The new route will use CR 49 Barger Rd, CR 22 Gilmore Rd. and then back onto the other end of Merryman. Commissioner Dale Norris asked about the dust control issue and after assurances from Crabtree that the company was working on the issue agreement 40-13 paased.

Agreement 39-13 with Ohio Gathering LLC requesting 1.3 mi. of CR 17, 2.75 mi. of CR 50, 0.45 mi. of CR 7, 0.85 mi. of Cr 22, 0.7 mi. of CR 35, 2.1 mi. of CR 47 and 1.6 mi. of CR 52 in Rumley, North and Archer townships for pipeline construction passed.

Agreement 41-13 with Blue Racer Midstream for 0.8 mi. of Cr 2 and 2 mi. of CR 8 for construction of a valving and pigging station also was approved.

In other business: The board approved Resolution 8-13 granting the Board of Developmental Disabilities request for a levy.

Approved agreement 37-13 between the Sheriff’s Office and Securus Upgrade inmate call management system.

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