Monroe County prisoners aiding with renovation

WOODSFIELD – Incarcerated prisoners are working on remodeling the administrative offices at the Monroe County Jail, and this is resulting in a substantial savings, according to discussion Monday at the Monroe County commissioners’ meeting.

Sheriff Charles R. Black Jr. gave an update on the work being done prior to a viewing by commissioners. It was noted the work by the incarcerated prisoners will save several thousand dollars.

New flooring and painting as well as remodeling of restroom facilities and office space are included in the work. Providing money for the remodeling project are the sheriff’s office and the county’s building and grounds funds.

The remodeling work still is under way.

In other matters, Mary Jo Westfall, Extension Office associate, reported the first public hearing regarding the proposed Neighborhood Revitalization Program in Beallsville will be May 21 at 6 p.m. in the firehouse.

County officials recently were informed the county could have two investment areas in the county through the Neighborhood Revitalization Program. The Washington Township/Graysville area initially was selected as a proposed investment area.

After information was received that two investment areas could be proposed, commissioners decided to have Beallsville as the other proposed area. At that time, the proposed projects for Beallsville were separate storm/sewer drains, street paving projects, park/ball field – restroom facilities, sidewalks and emergency medical services.

Two public hearings already have been held in the Washington Township/Graysville area, and another one will be scheduled for Beallsville in addition to the one planned May 21. It is emphasized that citizen participation is important when applicants are selected.

Information about the two proposed investment areas will be sent to the Ohio Department of Development.

Commissioners were given an update on the 911 emergency system. Matt Brake of Swiss Valley Associates Inc., coordinator for the 911 system, said the 911 call volume for the first quarter of 2013 is nearly the same as last year’s volume for the first quarter.

Brake also said software upgrades for the 911 map from Cassidian Communications are available to be installed soon, and Staley Communications will schedule and complete this upgrade. Those two companies also are working on a quotation for the upgrade to next generation 911 to receive information from cell phones and other devices. Funding options will be investigated after that is received.

Reporting that options for computer aided dispatch (CAD) are being investigated, Brake added that it has been determined that a third party vendor will be used, and he mentioned some possibilities.

Updates to the 911 map for new addresses assigned by the auditor’s office are being completed by Swiss Valley Associates. Brake also reported some progress has been made on resolving addresses that are not valid with the 911 system.

Jeanette Harter, director of the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services said to date, 68 applications have been received for the summer youth program plus eight already selected in the Workforce Investment program. Sites where work will be done total 34-36, and possibly there will be more, according to Harter’s report.

Commissioners gave permission to the Bluegrass Pipeline Co. LLC to perform surveys in the Krebs Hill area near Clarington.

As requested by County Engineer Lonnie Tustin, permission was given for the Switzer Water Association to install a 3-inch waterline along Monroe 64A, also known as Cochran Hill Road.