Rayland waterline break repaired

DESPITE a waterline break in the Rayland area early Wednesday morning, work done by the Jefferson County Water District enabled water to continue to be supplied to Buckeye Local High School and other areas.

Brian Mavromatis, general foreman of the Jefferson County Water District, said he didn’t think anyone was completely out of water despite the problem. Also, a boil order isn’t necessary because the lines weren’t depressurized.

The break occurred in a field near 200 and 205 Narrows Road on a line leading from the Area G-1 tank on Jackson Heights.

Mavromatis said water wasn’t shut off to the Glen Robbins area, but it was cranked down and there was still pressure in the line.

The line goes to a pump station on Jefferson 15 and then up to the Area G-2 water tank on that county road.

“What we did was backfeed from Brilliant all the way to New Alexandria and Smithfield to the G-2 tank” so water could be supplied to Buckeye Local High School and Stilwell Auto Sales, according to the foreman.

He said a water hammer in the waterline could have caused the break.

Tiltonsville supplies some water to the county system, and Tiltonsville Village Administrator Carl Sgalla said the alarm at the Tiltonsville tank went off at 5:30 a.m. That alarm goes off when water in the tank drops.