Renovations under way at Monroe County Jail

WOODSFIELD – The Monroe County Jail, a 12 day holding facility, is in the process of being remodeled. The remodel will include new floors, windows and the creation of an interrogation room.

Incarcerated prisoners are currently working on the renovation .

“Actually the prisoners, we ended up incarcerating … are minor violations, which is what we hold here,” said Monroe County Sheriff Charles Black. “So in the process of it, we had several carpenters that were arrested on minor misdemeanors violations, instead of them sitting in their cells, they asked if there was any place to do renovation and work.”

Having the incarcerated doing the remodel saved a substantial amount of money.

One of the main reasons to update the jail were for security reasons. Some of the security issues included a broken window and doors that could have been easily broken. Many of these upgrades were not only needed, but necessary.

“A lot of these upgrades were for security purposes,” said Black. “A lot of this, not only for security, but it is economical, drop ceilings were put in for heating, they put new duct work in, that was Crothers, a heating and furnace company.”

Each of the ceilings were dropped anywhere from 12 to 18 inches, which will help in reducing the heating cost for the Sheriff’s department over time.

Each of the offices received new flooring, dry wall and all new windows.

One of the biggest changes in the remodel has been the new interrogation room that was once a restroom.

“This was actually a restroom, under Senate Bill 77, we did not have an interrogation room, we have out grown this office,” said Black.

The new interrogation room now has audio and video as well. A window still have to be replaced. The interrogation room was the only one that was created.

All of the trim in the department was made by the inmates out of rough lumber.

With the renovation well underway, there are still two rooms left to do and minor touch ups as well.

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