Sentences handed down

ST. CLAIRSVILLE – Two sentences and an arraignment were handed down during Friday’s session of Belmont County Common Pleas Court. Judge John M. Solovan II presided.

David Lee Gump, 29, 302 Logan St., McMechen, was sentenced on one count of gross sexual imposition, a felony of the third degree, occurring Jan. 1, 2009.

He will be designated a Tier 2 offender. He was given a sentence of two years in the penitentiary.

His family addressed Solovan with testimony regarding Gump’s character.

They expressed disbelief that the offense occurred. Defense added that the plea suggested the minimum sentence of one year.

Solovan noted that while Gump offered differing statements at several points, there was no abject denial. He added that while there was nothing to indicate a pattern of behavior, Gump demonstrated a proclivity to act impulsively with reckless disregard for consequences. Solovan also noted the psychological harm to the victim and the violation of trust under which the offense took place.

He added that judicial release may be considered.

Ricky Lee Lawson, 28, Chermont Road, Bridgeport, was sentenced on one count of failure to notify change of address, a felony of the fourth degree. Defense asked Solovan to consider that circumstances called for Lawson to make a sudden move. In addition, Lawson was about 17 at the time of the original offense and the other party was close to 15. The state raised no objections to non-residential sanctions.

Solovan handed down a sentence of three years community based controls, eight days in jail with credit for time served. Lawson will be subject to 12 months intensive supervised probation, 24 months regular probation, and five years post release controls.

Tyrone Martin Allen, 33, 1114 N. Ninth St., Martins Ferry, was arraigned and pleaded not guilty to a count of burglary, a felony of the second degree. He faces a maximum sentence of eight years. Status conference was set for June 7, with plea agreement June 21 and trial July 9. A recognizance bond was continued.

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