Suspected copper thieves charged

CADIZ – Misdemeanor charges of aggravated trespassing, theft and receiving stolen property have been filed against four people regarding an investigation of copper theft off Blue Ridge Road.

Charges are leveled against David Heath, Amber Clutter, Steven Carothers and Joshua Applegarth. The prosecutor’s office stated that additional charges could be filed in this ongoing investigation.

Deputies were called out to Blue Ridge Road Friday on a report of suspicious activity at the Anthony Mining Company and discovered an ongoing theft. Heath and Clutter were arrested on the scene and two others fled. Heroin was found inside their car.

Jewett Police later served a search warrant at 303 West Main St. in Jewett. According to authorities, the house was the site of suspected drug activity. Marijuana plants were apparently being cultivated in the residence and Carothers and Applegarth were also arrested on suspicion of participating in the attempted theft.

The sheriff’s office noted numerous cases of missing scrap metal, copper and industrial batteries.

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