Bellaire to repair storm sewer

BELLAIRE Work won’t begin until the fall but Bellaire Village Administrator Dan Marling was pleased to announce the village had received its full request of a $59,000 community development block grant that will go toward storm sewer repair in the 41st and Noble streets section of town.

The money will not be released until either September or October, but Marling is hopeful the project will be completed before winter hits.

Marling also discussed the needed repairs to the municipal building’s roof that will be needed.

“It was put on in 1991 so it’s had a healthy life,” Marling said. “One of the biggest issues happening is the rubber has come loose from the insulation.

“If a big windstorm comes, it could be laying in the street. My recommendation is, to patch the roof where the leaks are and keep it under control as best we can.

“In the 2014 budget, we’ll have to appropriate some money to do sections of the roof at a time with a target date of 2-3 years to have it fully replaced.”

The good news is that a thermal reading revealed only six wet spots, roughly 109 square feet of roof space as being wet.

“For a roof that size, that’s not bad,” Marling said.

He also discussed some repairs that will be needed at the village’s water plant.

A gear reduction motor at the plant broke after 40 years of usage. That will need replaced at the cost of $18,000. Marling would also like to either replace or upgrade the iron work in one of the circulation beds. That will cost around $16,000.

Mayor Vince DiFabrizio also brought up another issue that has risen at the plant.

“The high service pumps at the plant, once we had three, now only two,” the mayor said. “We need to get our engineer down there to see if we can replace one with what we have.”

Marling noted the water superintendent brought it to his attention but, as of now, Marling didn’t have any numbers as to what it would cost.

There will be a slight change to the village’s garbage pick-up schedule for the July 4 holiday. Any customer who normally has their garbage picked up on Thursday will now have it picked up Friday, July 5, along with normal Friday pick-up customers.

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