Ferry police make marijuana arrest

MARTINS FERRY – A visit to a Martins Ferry residence Wednesday afternoon yielded a considerable amount of illegally-grown marijuana and left one city resident facing multiple charges.

Martins Ferry Police Chief John McFarland stated he and his officers stopped by to talk with Dustin Scarfpin, 23, of 529 N. Seventh St., after receiving tips that Scarfpin may have been in possession of a sizable amount of illegal narcotics.

Officers didn’t have a warrant, rather stopped by for what is referred to as a “knock and talk.”

After a brief conversation, Scarfpin agreed to allow officers to enter the premises.

Upon entering, McFarland noted an indoor setup was discovered for growing marijuana plants. A total of 396.5 grams were confiscated by officers.

“He had a pretty impressive setup,” McFarland noted. “It’s something that I’ve never seen before (locally).

“Normally, we come across a plant in a window or something of that nature. But he had a good setup with ventilation, lighting … everything was top of the line.

“We recovered 396.5 grams, which is a considerable amount.”

McFarland noted that Scarfpin is being charged with a felony charge of possession of marijuana, cultivating marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia. The latter two charges are both misdemeanors.

The chief explained that if Scarfpin wouldn’t have granted access, a search warrant would have been sought out. But because of his cooperation, Scarfpin was not taken to jail.

McFarland noted that despite an extensive search, no scales or any related items usually found by someone allegedly selling narcotics were discovered.

“Based on the amount that he had, I would assume he was selling but we didn’t find any associated items like scales, etc.,” the chief noted.

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