Monroe elections board might move

WOODSFIELD – The Monroe County Board of Elections probably will be moving back to Woodsfield from the Black Walnut Center in the industrial park as a result of action taken Monday by the county commissioners.

Commissioners OK’d the move, subject to approval of the lease by Prosecuting Attorney James L. Peters.

A delegation from the board appeared at the meeting, seeking the move to Woodsfield. Manifred Keylor, board chairperson, was spokesman for the group, which was seeking the move. Security issues and inconvenience were given as the reasons for the board’s request.

Keylor said space for the board is available on the first floor of the Monroe Bank building.

The lease, subject to the prosecuting attorney’s approval, is for five years. The rent of $1,750 a month includes utilities.

According to the discussion, the board needs to be in the new office by Aug. 7. It also was noted provisions would be made for parking.

In addition to the chairperson, the board was represented by Nancy Keylor, Roger Claus, Mick Schumacher and Rita McCaslin along with Betty Rousenberg, elections board director, and Mollie Landefeld, deputy director.

Commissioners also took action on a request from the Monroe County Airport Authority, represented by Gary Cook. He told of the availability of jet fuel for the airport and asked for a $5,000 advance for the initial purchase of this type of fuel.

Commissioners approved a motion for the $5,000 advance.

The second and final hearing on the submission of the 2013 Community Development Block Grant package involving several grants was held, and approval was given by commissioners. This package now will be submitted for state approval.

Projects proposed in the $75,000 CDBG allocation grant are:

  • Green Township – Neighborhood Facilities/Community Centers: installation of a sump pump and draining pipe in the boiler room of the Laings Community Center, $8,600.
  • Summit Township – Fire protection facilities and equipment: purchase of four sets of turnout gear for the Lewisville Volunteer Fire Department and installation of a backup generator at the Lewisville Community Center, $20,900.
  • Wayne Township – Street improvements: replacing a bridge with a box culvert on Wayne Township 2456, $33,000.
  • Fair Housing and Administration – Fair housing activities and administration, $12,500.

Listed as Neighborhood Revitalization Grant proposed projects, totaling $300,000, for the target area of Washington Township are:

  • Park and Recreation Facilities: repair the basketball court in Graysville and install five outdoor grills at Knowlton Park, $21,800.
  • Neighborhood Facilities/Community Centers: repair plastered walls at the community center in Graysville, $8,600.
  • Fire Protection Facilities and Equipment: purchase a brush fire truck for the Graysville VFD, $146,000.
  • Parking Facilities: paving the driveway/parking lot at the community center and firehouse and pave two handicapped parking spots at the township building in Graysville, $74,700.
  • Street Improvements: install 190 linear feet of curbing in Graysville, repair a road slip on Broomstick Road and repair a road slip on Clearfork Road, $38,900.
  • Administration of the grant, $10,000.

Proposed projects totaling $300,000 in Neighborhood Revitalization Grant funds for the village of Beallsville are:

  • Parks and Recreation Facilities – install two sets of bleachers on the ball field at Veterans Memorial Park, $1,000.
  • Fire Protection Facilities and Equipment: construct a building with two bays for the Beallsville VFD and purchase two items of equipment for the Beallsville Emergency Medical Services, $168,900.
  • Sidewalk Improvements: replace approximately 240 linear feet of sidewalk on North Main Street, $11,200.
  • Sewer Facility Improvements: install an ultraviolet disnfection system to the sewer plant and reline approximately 1,100 feet of sewer line from Ohio Avenue to the plant, $108,900
  • Administration of the grant, $10,000.

A Bethel Township project has been proposed for Critical Infrastructure Grant funds. The total of the funds is $300,000, and proposed are:

  • Street Improvements: resurface approximately 2.5 miles of Monroe 59 and 0.66 miles of Monroe 16B with 2 inches of asphalt, $280,000.
  • Administration of the grant, $20,000.