More meetings in store in Bethesda

BETHESDA- The Bethesda Village Council met this past Thursday for the month of June with several upcoming issues up for discussion on the agenda.

Due to the rising numbers of topics which are being addressed as of late, the Council has voted to move to a bi-weekly, or twice a month, meeting structure. They will now meet on the second and fourth Thursday of each month until further notice.

One issue which provoked the extra meeting is continuous work that is being done to upgrade the water system within the Village.

As bids for the upcoming water project are reviewed, there will be many matters that will need discussed which could be time sensitive in the projects projected timeline.

The project, which includes waterline upgrades along with water meter improvements, received multiple bids for both aspects of the job . For the waterlines, the job reeled in bids ranging from $2.67-3.42m. At least one of which feel below the estimate the Village had drawn up before accepting bids. The water meter improvement side of the project also brought in multiple bids that including at least one below Village estimates. The range of these bids stretched from $129,000 to $187,000.

At this point, the Village will evaluate each of the contractors for credentials, track record, and errors within the bids. A selection will be made in the coming weeks as the odds and ends are being addressed.

Mayor Marty Lucas conveyed his gratitude to those working around him throughout the past few months preparing for the work. “I really appreciate the things you guys do for us. (You all) have done an outstanding job with everything” Lucas praised of his peers.

In other business, minutes from two special meetings at the beginning of the month were approved. The Council also gave the nod to the proposed 2014 budget.

Two utility aggregate companies were on hand to discuss the benefits which they could provided to the village in terms of gas and electric rates. At this time, both companies are being heard out with officials intending to keep their options open as long as possible to ensure appropriate selection. The process bundles utility resources with other municipalities within the same aggregate company to lower rates, through the concept of buying in bulk.

Several efforts to stock waters within Bethesda have been discussed and will be completed in the next couple weeks. The next meeting will be held in the Municipal Building on July 11th, at 7pm followed by the ‘regular’ meeting on July 25th, also at 7pm.

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