No solution in sight

YORKVILLE Whenever it rains, Lee Ekstrom need only look out her back door and can see the rush of copper-colored water pouring down off her hill.

Ekstrom, who lives at 57961 Deep Run Rd. in Yorkville, has been dealing with this problem for more years than she can caught.

Drainage flows out of a mine drain that was installed during the late 1980s by the Ohio Division of Mineral Resources Management.

It flows into a concrete channel, down the slope, to a catch basin located midway between Ekstrom and her neighbor’s properties.

From the basin, it’s intended to flow through an buried pipe down the hill to Deep Run.

The problem is the basin clogs periodically, causing overflows that result in pooling of water behind a barn on Ekstrom’s property while also running rushing down her driveway.

“It’s been going on for years,” Ekstrom said.

“The state will come down and unclog it, but as soon as it rains, it starts all over again.”

Ekstrom noted that it’s starting to cause damage to her driveway, causing it to “hump up” in the middle.

It’s also killed the grass where it rolls down the hill during overflows.

The water creates an additional challenge in the winter, causing her lengthy driveway to ice up and become near impassible.

The pooling water in the ditch is so bad that Ekstrom is fearful of allowing her two grandchildren, ages 4 and 6, from playing outside around it as the water is deep enough that either could drown.

“It should have been run over into the crick instead of down over the hill near my house,” Ekstrom said.

She’s hoping the state comes up with a different strategy; one that offers a more permanent solution.

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