Police respond to gunfire

BELLAIRE – Village police were dispatched Sunday evening to the Francis Wallace apartments for reports of a subject firing off a shotgun in the area of 700 41st St. at approximately 9:11 p.m.

Officers discovered upon responding to the disturbance a subject, after making threats of possessing a gun, allegedly went to his vehicle, retrieved a 16 gauge sawed-off shotgun and fired at least one round into the area.

George Palmer, 34, of Pinch Run Road, outside of Bellaire, was arrested and taken to the Belmont County Jail on charges of carrying a concealed weapon, discharging a firearm in a prohibited area and possessing a defaced firearm.

The shotgun appeared to have its serial numbers removed and the barrel length was less than 16 inches when measured by responding officers.

Bellaire police were assisted by officers from Bridgeport and Shadyside. The investigation is ongoing.

According to police reports, Palmer stated that a male had jumped his niece and that he came to protect her.