Powhatan to open pool

THE POWHATAN Point Pool will open for the season.

The goal for opening the pool is June 15, but nothing is guaranteed as of right now.

“By the time we paint and do repairs, we are looking at least two weeks,” said Clerk-Treasurer Lisa Armann-Blue who also sits on the Powhatan Park District. “Hopefully community residents will get involved.”

Volunteers have worked Thursday and Friday to drain, clean and repair the pool. So far the painting will cost around $4,000 and to fix the coping, depending on how much works needs done, will run about $6,000-$7,000.

The pool has the same problems every year.

According to Armann-Blue, finding money to open and run the pool has been the biggest challenge so far.

“(We have received) money from private sources, council, donations and several residents have called and we have had several residents say they will donate a gallon of paint,” said Armann-Blue. “(This pool) is important for the kids of this community and the residents, attendance is not very good, but it’s just something that has been here for a long time, we don’t want to see it shut down.”

A gallon of paint will cost $100.

When former pool managers asked council at the May 21 meeting if the pool would be open this year, it was Armann-Blue that revealed that the county funding for the park district has been reduced to $9,000. That amount is not enough to open or operate the pool.

It was also at this same meeting that Mayor Mark McVey suggested that those who were concerned about the opening of the pool should speak to residents about a pool levy.