Shadyside BOE discusses finances

SHADYSIDE – The Shadyside Board of Education discussed the financial picture for the 2013-2014 school year during Tuesday’s meeting.

Superintendent and High School Principal John Haswell gave the board an overview of the projected revenue for five years.

“In fiscal year 2008, our total fund revenue was $6,446,321 and our total fund expenditures were $5,783,683. As you can see, we were not over spending,” said Haswell. “All of that changed in 2011 when we started deficit spending. … For the year coming up, the money we are going to bring in is $5,573,912.”

The expenditures expected for 2014 are $6,161,176. In total, the district has lost $817,049. The problem that Haswell pointed out to the board is that the district is losing revenue.

“I did a study recently – the total enrollment is very close to where it was. We have not dropped significantly. Our overall enrollment has gone up,” said Haswell.

Another part of this which Haswell noted was FirstEnergy’s closing its doors in 2010. When then-Superintendent Terry Brinker was notified of this closing, a five-year plan was put into place.

The total loss that the district faced when FirstEnergy shut down was $733,447, and there was no new state forthcoming.

In light of the revenue shortfall, the board has not replaced seven and a half positions in the district, while other positions were combined and contracts were renegotiated.

Later in the meeting, the board passed a Resolution of Necessity, which allows the county auditor to certify the board a millage and a money total. It does state the board is putting a request on the November ballot, which is the first step to saying the board wants to put something on the ballot.

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