Water project to pump money into Powhatan

POWHATAN – The village of Powhatan Point has partnered up with LBG Water Services LLC. This project will bring in additional revenue for the village.

LBG Water Services LLC will pump water from Captina Creek. The water will then be purified and subsequently sold for fracking. LBG also has the capabilities to clean up 105,000 gallons of fracking water and can do so up to 10 to 15 times. The recycled fracking water can be resold to the drillers.

The company uses a closed loop system and stays in house, instead of discarding the water by pumping it onto the ground or back into the creek. Once the water has been recycled 10 to 15 times, there is a sludge left over, which is then dried and taken to a landfill.

“We will fill up trucks here, primarily for fracking, and sending it to Monroe County and Harrison County,” said Jim Harber, president of LBG Water Services LLC. “I love Powhatan, what better place that needs a boost … I think it will be a nice financial boost over the next five, 10 or 15 years.”

Harber has been in the oil and gas industry for 35 years.

Currently, there are two 21,000 gallon water tanks being housed at the former Powhatan carnival grounds. Four more tanks will be added. The water that is pumped from the creeks will go into these large tanks. Hoses that are attached to the tanks will hook on the trucks. Harber is predicting that there will be 10 to 15 trucks leaving the site a day.

“Prior to coming into office, one of (Harber’s) contacts asked if we would be interested in having access to the water and I told them absolutely,” said Powhatan Mayor Mark McVey. “I have known (Harber) since January 2012 and this has transpired from one time we thought to be a dream to reality when I saw the two fracking tanks come in. It is going to be a financial boost to Powhatan and everybody knows that small communities through the state of Ohio have been suffering with local government funding cuts … We have lost a substantial amount of revenue and we are hoping and anticipating for trucks to be loading water and hauling it out of here. We get a certain percentage and that is going to be Powhatan’s savior financially.”

Powhatan is now one of five locations that LBG Water Services LLC has throughout the state of Ohio.

“I call this an alternative revenue source for municipalities and villages. It is a chance to help them get income that they can use for to rebuild their infrastructure, beef up their utilities, local police and help complete a number of projects that they have not been able to fund,” said Harber.

Harber said that the project would not be fully functioning until the end of July and already has several companies interested in buying the water.

“We are looking forward to a long – term working relationship with the community and we are going to hire and train local people to be apart of LBG Water Services. We just think that’s the right thing to do,” said Harber, “We want to give back to the community, not take out.”

Harber has already hired local people to help get the site for the tanks ready and the stone for the site also came from a local business as well.

“LGB understands the situation that all of us are in, particularly Powhatan Point, It’s always a benefit to work with companies that recognize the local first and Harber has held through with his word,” said McVey.”

All the work that has gone into this project so far was at no cost to Powhatan.

Van Dyne can be reached at kvandyne@timesleaderonline.com.