Wind damages 2 local barns; fire destroys home

TWO BARNS along County Road 92 near Bethesda were damaged by this week’s wind storms.

Jerry Ebbert, the owner, said he received a call and was told to get to the scene quickly because of severe damage. Ebbert said the wind blew the entire roof from one of the barns and blew it some 600 feet into the field.

One barn is two years old and the other about 150 years old. Ebbert said the old barn has withstood a lot storms.

The winds also knocked down several trees along Belmont 92 which was closed while crews worked to clean up the debris.

Ebbert noted that a house, just 100 feet away from one of the barns doesn’t have a bit of damage. He and some helpers are cleaning up the mess at the farm. He said he intends to rebuild the roof on the newer barn and is unsure what he will do with the older one.

MEANWHILE, a house at 5023 Atcheson Road in Bellaire sustained heavy damage in a fire on Thursday around 8 a.m. Bellaire Police and the Neffs Fire Department responded to reports of the fire.

Two occupants of the house got out safely.

The smoke from the fire could be seen from Ohio 7. Bellaire Police were assisted by the Ohio State Highway Patrol. A trooper spotted the smoke as he was traveling on the highway.

It is believed the fire started in the kitchen.