Yorkville PD posting arrests to Facebook

YORKVILLE – The Yorkville Police Department has begun posting traffic citations, violations and updates on road conditions to Facebook.

Yorkville Police Department began posting the traffic citations and violations on May 14 after receiving several residential complaints. The traffic citations, violations and tickets are public record.

“We were getting complaints about the traffic violations and there has been in the past, with the way social media is now, people get on (Facebook) and voice their frustrations,” said Yorkville Police Chief John Morelli. “It’s hard to show the general public what is being done.”

The Yorkville Police Department Facebook page also allows residents to post or notify the police of a problem by either a wall post or in a private message. The idea came from Corporal Chase Watts, who presented the idea to Chief Morelli.

“If residents have a concern about something they can post it on (Facebook) or send us a message if there is a incident going on in town and they want to be anonymous, they can send it to us in a private message and we can go from there,” said Morelli. “We have also had calls here where residents were complaining whether it is speeding, running stop signs, running the traffic light and someone almost getting hit.

“Based on those complaints and concerns, it was easier (to create a Facebook page) and show the public their concerns are being heard.”

The Yorkville Police Department has received feed back from people who were upset that they were posted on the Facebook page, which Morelli claims is no different then their name being printed in the paper.

“All and all from the residents in town I have received a lot of positive feedback, they like seeing it on (Facebook) and seeing what is going on in town,” said Morelli. “I think we have been getting pretty good feedback … I think it is a positive thing based on the way culture is going towards social media, there are a lot more people connected on there. If you don’t want to be on there, then obey the laws and don’t run the stop signs, you don’t do the speeding, you don’t drive under suspended license, if it helps people obey the laws then that’s great and they won’t have their name on there.”

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