Boscov’s partners with local organization

ST. CLAIRSVILLE Ohio Valley shoppers are eagerly awaiting the opening of Boscov’s Department Store at the Ohio Valley Mall.

The opening is slated for October, but those itching for a sneak peak now have an opportunity to do just that, all the while assisting local non-profit organizations in the process.

Boscov’s has scheduled special event, dubbed the Gala Preview for a Great Cause for Thursday, Oct. 10 from 10 a.m. Until 9:30 p.m.

A luncheon was held recently in St. Clairsville where local non-profits and charitable organizations were invited to learn about the event and inquire as to their interest in participating.

More than 40 organizations signed up.

The premise is simple.

Each participating organization will sell admission tickets to the event for $5 apiece.

Each ticket will have the name of the organization printed or stamped on the ticket. Only those with tickets will be admitted. The organization which sells the ticket will keep the entire $5. Tickets will also be available at the door, where customers can choose which non-profit they wish to support.

“Based on past experience, we know that there will be a great deal of curiosity surrounding the opening,” said Esta Neugroschel, Director of Public Relations for Boscov’s. “We want to use this curiosity and excitement as a force for good, to benefit many worthy non-profit agencies and organizations in the Upper Ohio Valley by offering a Gala Preview for a Great Cause.”

The agencies aren’t the only ones benefiting from the event. Customers not only will receive an early preview of the merchandise, but each will also receive a free gift, valued at more than $10.

“We’re excited about it,” said Stacey Rich, Marketing Director at Crittenton Services Inc. in Wheeling, one of the participating agencies. “Boscov’s seems like a giving company and they want to give back to the communities where they are located.”

Along with ticket sales, the participating agencies have an opportunity to earn even more funding.

The tickets sold will be counted and they day of the event and the agency that sells the most tickets will receive $1,500 from Boscov’s. The second highest receives $1,000 and $500 is available for the third-place organization.

“The entire store will be all dressed up for our Gala Preview, filled with the most exciting merchandise,” Neugroschel said. “Ticket holders will have the opportunity to shop first. Plus, we’ll have entertainment and light refreshments throughout the store.”

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