Fire board members opt not to be paid

SHADYSIDE – The OR&W Fire District Fire Board voted and decided that it will not receive compensation for serving on the fire board.

The decision was made in executive session, According to Gregg Warren, who sits on the board, this will save the fire district $2,250. Bob Bell and Bill Shepard, who also sits on the board was not present at the meeting.

One of the major topics at Wednesday’s meeting was Workmen’s Compensation. According to board president Ed Good, the paid employees that work for the OR&W Fire District will only receive three percent of Workmens Comp and those who are volunteers will receive 23 percent.

“The volunteers have a higher incident rate,” said Good. “There is more of an occurrence of injury for volunteers.”

Good went on to explain that if a full-time OR&W employee was working his shift and was injured, he or she would get the three percent. And if that same employee went on a run while he or she was off duty and was injured, they would get the 23 percent.

“That is going to be our biggest challenge is workers comp, issues like that,” said Good.

The board also approved the 2014 budget and the one year probation of Katilyn Copeland, who is now a volunteer for the OR&W.

According to Chief David Lenz, they will not hire anymore employees. Lenz also said that the fireman’s festival will be held July 31 – Aug. 3.

The next meeting will be held on Aug 7 at 6 p.m. at the OR&W Fire House.

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