Many trying to beat the heat

MORRISTOWN – The humming of generators fills the many campgrounds as countless festival-goers are still setting up their campsites for Jamboree in the Hills, which officially opens its four-day run today.

The generators are used to power campers, air conditioners and fans as campers try to beat the heat.

Darrel “DJ” Keihl, of Claring, Pa., is not alone in his attempts to stay cool while sitting in a shaded spot outside outside of his camper. He has been coming to Jamboree in the Hills for 17 years, this is his first time back in five years.

“This is my first year after a five-year hiatus, I came 17 years before that … Work would not allow me to be here,” said Keihl. “This year, the wife and I decided we could come back.”

What keeps Keihl returning is the music and friends. Most years they are able to obtain the same campsite. What first brought Keihl out here the first time was the music and the party atmosphere.

“Now I am not into the party atmosphere, but I still come back for the music,” said Keihl has already been at his campsite for five days. “We are just enjoying everything.”

Despite the scorching heat, Keihl and his Jamboree neighbors stay cool the best that they can.

But speaking from experience, he knows there are going to be younger and first- time campers that are going to have some problems.

“Some of them are going to have a problem with the heat and alcohol,” said Keihl.

Many campers were creative in the way they set site up their sites, which includes baby pools and tarps.

The campsite has water trucks for campers to use as well.

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