Morristown council eyes improvements

MORRISTOWN – Village Council discussed the state of affairs and improvements around the village during Monday’s meeting, including work on the firehouse which had previously been considered at the May meeting.

The low bid, which came in at just a third of the original option, received approval by members of council. Work is set to be done before the end of the year which would include cleaning and coating the roof with a compound that provides several benefits aside from durability. The total for the project is about $4,500.

The 2014 budget was also drawn up over the past several weeks and presented to council as Resolution 13.5. The tentative numbers are now proposed and accepted by council. No significant changes were made as to where to delegate monies from the previous year. More can be said towards the end of the year as some minor changes may be needed.

Officials are working on filling the Zoning Inspector and Zoning Appeals Committee positions. Some of the positions have been filled, and currently the confirmation of a zoning inspector is taking its course.

Charges for use of the fire equipment for insurance billing was composed in Resolution 13.6. This allows for the village to bill for extended use of fire tankers, engines, and pumpers. The effort was more aimed towards use for HazMat situations. These rates within the resolution do not affect house fires or routine auto accidents.

The fire department was given the nod to purchase bench testing for air packs, new air cylinders and a new fire hose. Each of which has an end of life regulation where mandatory replacement is required despite the working condition of the old equipment.

Morristown officials addressed the monthly minimum charges, according to tap size to become uniform with the county’s schedule. The fees which are the monthly minimum amount for certain tap sizes does not effect any resident taps. Taps affected include two and six inch which are generally used for duplexes and hotels type establishments. The village only has a handful of two-inch taps, while the six are non existent and intended to future proof the wording.

The contract with Jamboree in the Hills has been accepted. It is unchanged from the previous years and will require resources from Morristown to contribute to the emergency response staff at the event. Morristown, which operates with 12 firemen, will be part of the crew which will consist of more than 150.

Payments were accepted and made for the fire insurance to Bethel Insurance in the amount of $4,412. Another payment was distributed to Charles Harris and Associates for performing the village audit which turned up two small minor errors. Certain accounting aspects has been grouped together and had to be separated. Essentially, the audit returned no problems and could be deemed success. The amount of $5,512 was disbursed for services.

The next meeting will take place on Aug. 12 at 6 p.m.

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