Officers busy at Jamboree

MORRISTOWN – A little mud never hurt, but it has made life harder on the police and medics at Jamboree in the Hills.

“It’s muddy and there are a lot of people,” said Captain Ron Everett, who is in charge of the deputies at Jamboree in the Hills. “People are starting to mudslide and things like that and could possibly get hurt.”

According to Everett, the parking has also been a problem because there was so much rain and mud, but this year at Jamboree in the Hills has not been any different than any of the other 29 years he has been working at Jamboree.

“We’ve had several arrests for underage drinking, that’s about the biggest thing right now,” said Everett, who went on to say that the biggest problem out there is the drinking.

To better combat underage drinking, the state has multiple undercover agents spread throughout the crowd.

“We have the state in here with us as well,” said Everett. “They have made several arrests for underage drinking.”

There are currently more than 115 officers at Jamboree in the Hills. These are officers from several different agencies in the valley.

As a result of the mud and drinking, the medical tent has had to treat several more injuries.

“The water has been primarily the problem,” said medical tent director Stacey Turdo, who has been doing this for 39 years. “(The water) has just made a lot of mud. As far as patient care, we’ve no major issue taking care of the patients that come in.”

According to Turdo, the medical tent have had about 110 going into today and already about 15 patients have been taken to the hospital.

“Sixty to 70 percent are alcohol and dehydration related,” said medical tent director Neal Aulick. “We’ve also had sunburns, obviously before today. … Now with the wet and the mud, we’ve had more injuries, ankle sprains and cuts. We’ve had a few medical problems that were sent to the hospital, pretty significant fractures.”

Another problem the medical tent has faced is that when these patients come in to be treated, they are caked with mud, which makes the injury harder to treat. Several injuries were due to the mudsliding.

Jamboree in the Hills wraps up today with Matt Van Fossen, Aaron Tippin, The Oak Ridge Boys, Sammy Kershaw and Neal McCoy scheduled to perform.