Powhatan Point pool proving quite popular

POWHATAN POINT After many man hours and loads of dedication from village residents and council members, the Powhatan Point pool has successfully opened for the summer.

At the beginning of the summer there were rumors that the pool would not open this year, which caused many individuals to pull together and fight to get the pool ready. So far, there has been a lot of positive feedback and business for the pool.

“We’ve had good business,” said Sherry McCloud, one of the pool managers. “The least we’ve had is 37 or 38 kids and the most we’ve had is about 80 kids.”

The other pool managers include Jackie Thomas and Joe Asturi. They also have four lifeguards and three concession stand workers.

The pool officially opened July 5. The late start was due to the fact that the pool needed a lot of extra work done just to get it ready. There was concerns from citizens and kids in the community that the pool was not going to open at all.

“To get a late start like we did, I am surprised at how well it has done,” said McCloud. “We do have good workers, no matter what you ask them to do, they will do it… We all work well together.”

Along with the time and hard that has been put into getting the pool up and running, there has also been several monetary donations and an anonymous donor gave the pool several white chaise lounge chairs.

“The biggest improvement, just in my opinion, has been the overall care of the pool,” said McCloud. “People just came in and donated their time to take care of the pool and make it nice. We’ve had people with monetary donations; we had a couple of anonymous people donate both the chaise lounge, which makes a big difference.”

While the pool is up and running, there is still work to be done. The baby pool is not open yet and is currently being worked on.

There are plans for the future to make further improvements which include putting in steps so that it is easier for younger children as well as senior citizens to get into the pool. The steps will be donated by several organizations in town.

They have already starting planning next year and the ways that they can keep both kids and adults interested in coming back to the pool.

“Next year, I really look for this pool to really take off next year because we are going to have the time to go ahead and plan swimming classes for kids and the adult swims,” said McCloud. “They have even mentioned about bringing the swim team back and I think that would be good.”

There are also plans for aerobic classes as well.

“The village has really pulled together to get this pool open. If it wasn’t for the people in the town putting in their time and our Board of Public Affairs and our Water Board have been excellent with the guys that work for them They come in and help us every day with the pool, anything we need.”

While the pool is in the best shape it has been in years, even comments that the attitude towards the pool, not even from the town but the kids that frequent the pool has change and have been more positive.

The managers wanted to thank everyone who volunteered and made donations, whether it was time or monetary, to help get the pool open.