Residents discuss Hillview Park

SHADYSIDE – Several Shadyside residents with concerns about Hillview Park appeared before village council at Monday night’s meeting.

Eileen Mack, who has lived in Shadyside for the last 14 years, approached council on what they can do to clean up and make Hillview a better park for the residents of Shadyside.

While Mack has several volunteers willing to clean up the park, council is trying to find the proper way to use the volunteers that will not affect their insurance or hold the village liable.

The problem that the village has with not being able to keep Hillview up-to-date is the lack of manpower.

“We have to protect the village,” said Mayor Bob Newhart.

The idea of having the volunteers sign a waiver was discussed as well. As of right now, the mayor has agreed to attend the next meeting on Hillview Park and to invite the village’s insurance agent to the meeting.

Shadyside Pool Manager Melanie Haswell gave council an update on pool so far this year. According to Haswell, while this has not been the best summer, they have had some busy days and the employees have been a huge help.

“We need a place for kids to go – we need a place for adults to go,” said Haswell. “We knew this was not going to be a money-maker. Police Chief Rusty Patt urges all citizen to lock their car doors. According to Patt, someone is entering unlocked cars and stealing the loose change.

Council also approved the purchasing of a soil conditioner for the village. This will help to recondition the alleys.

No action was taken after an executive session.