St. C. woman has book published

A LOCAL woman has become a published author.

Kimberly Bowser Crabtree has always loved writing. Now that lifelong passion has resulted in her first book becoming a published work.

It is titled, “The Circus Dogs.” Crabtree, 27, penned the book about two dogs several years ago, but gave no thoughts of having it published until one of the main characters died.

The two featured characters are named Jazmin and Molli. They are best friends.

“They use their imaginations to take themselves on exciting adventures,” Bowser Crabtree said. “One day, they decided to let their imaginations take them to the circus, where they were stars of the show.”

Molli’s death due to cancer sparked Bowser Crabtree’s desire to have the book published.

“When Mollie died, it left all of us heartbroken because our dogs are family. That’s when I started pitching it to different publishers.” Bowser Crabtree said. “Some weren’t accepting manuscripts, some you had to pay thousands of dollars, others just seemed like frauds and sometimes I was just flat out told, no. One day I happened to come across Publish America. I did some research first and they had both good reviews and bad, but what company doesn’t have a couple bad reviews here and there.

“When I saw that no money would be coming out of my pocket to get this book published, I started considering it more. So, I took a chance, a big chance, and mailed them my manuscript,” she continued. “Some time later I received a letter of acceptance. I couldn’t believe a dream of mine was happening and coming true. The process was done, mainly online and through email, and it was an easy process.”

The St. Clairsville resident said the publishing company also handled all the other details for the book to come to fruition.

“For the cover illustration all I had to do was give a description and their illustrator would complete it. Before publishing, everything went through me first for an approval,” Bowser Crabtree said. “The setup, the pictures, even the short biography on the back cover. They made sure nothing was done without me seeing it, and okaying it first.

“I was so happy I found a publisher who not only believed in me, but also made me feel like I was the one charge. I was so grateful since it is very hard to accomplish something like this,” she continued. “The next step for me is to also have my poetry published, which are a lot different from my stories. My poetry is dark and gloomy, and I take to Edgar Alan Poe, one of my favorite writers, for inspiration.”

“Growing up I always loved to write. It was usually silly, fun stories although once or twice, as I got older, I tried my hand at something more serious,” Bowser Crabtree said. “The more serious work is still in progress. At the age of 12, I began helping my mother with child care. I would continue taking care of children for the next several years, which led me to begin writing children’s books. I have several uncompleted stories but one that was finished rather quickly, is the one that was published.”

Kim and her husband Carl have a 7-month-old son, Isaac.

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