Stolen bulldozer used to push cars over hillside

A BULLDOZER stolen from a construction site and used to destroy a house last summer was stolen again over the weekend and used to push several cars over a hillside on Belmont 214.

At 7 a.m on Saturday, the Belmont County Sheriff’s Office was notified of the incident, according to Chief Deputy Bill Artrip. Deputies found four vehicles pushed from their parking spots, and they were in the thick brush of the hillside.

The vehicles were moved from a park-and-ride just off Interstate 470, Exit 3.

The bulldozer, which belongs to Shelly and Sands Inc. of Zanesville, was kept in a dirt lot just yards from the park-and-ride on the other side of the overpass.

Artrip said the bulldozer was left there overnight and someone knew how to operate it.

The damaged vehicles were removed from the hillside by a local towing company and are stored in the company garage until the owner can retrieve them.

Gary Tuttle, Shelly and Sands safety director, said the location where the bulldozer was kept was a company dump site. The company has since removed a piece of equipment.

The weekend was the second time the bulldozer had been stolen in the past year. In July 2012, someone drove it almost a mile on Belmont 214 and ripped apart a house. The investigation of that crime is still ongoing.