Yorkville mill is showing limited signs of restart

YORKVILLE – The first signs that life as a productive steel mill may actually happen – possibly in the next few months – are being seen by those who know when and where to look in the hopes of seeing tangible hints toward an eventual successful restart at the plant.

Earlier this week, there was a meeting at the Yorkville mill, involving top personnel from Esmark’s Steel Group, its sister facilities and others.

First to be installed will be a security system, projected to share in real-time information about Esmark’s and Ohio Cold Rolling Co.’s inventory.

The mill is now owned by Esmark and in partnership with TCC, a Korean tinplate company that is involved in a joint venture at the nearby Ohio Coatings Co.

Few details can be fully confirmed other than those concerning the initial process of installing a facility-wide IT system.

Local steelworkers are hoping to be rehired and recalled but there is no immediate expectation for hiring individuals beyond the 10 workers now on firewatch.

A decision to start installing the tracking system was made and installation has begun. Estimates from start of installation to first coil through the mill are about 2 and 1/2 months. That would put the limited start up sometime late September or early October, stated a communication to members of United Steelworkers Local 1223 of Yorkville, from the local president.

The plant has been idled about a year.

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