Belmont County pools resources for repairs

ST. CLAIRSVILLE During Wednesday’s Belmont County commissioners meeting, county agencies and municipalities pooled their efforts toward needed repairs for a well-traveled county road.

The commissioners motioned to approve and sign a cooperative agreement between the commissioners, the villages of Bethesda and Morristown, to submit an application to the Ohio Public Works Commission for the North 26 road paving project.

Commissioner Matt Coffland thanked the township trustees for refraining from submitting a project to Issue 2 so the commissioners could submit one. He said the total project cost is $539,153, with the county providing $118,180, Bethesda with $17,500, Morristown with $4,500, for a total local match of $140,180. The Issue 2 grant will be for $398,973.

The project will pave all of North 26.

“This is a great effort. This brings in the county, two villages, and two townships, and this project should rank very good,” Coffland said.

“I believe it’s a very good move on your part,” said Pease Township Trustee Frank Schaeffer, member of the trustees association. “We have to do more joint projects in order to get things done in the future. This is a good start in that direction.”

He added that the township association agreed that more villages and municipalities would benefit by going this route than by the townships making the attempt on an individual basis.

“I believe the most important thing is that it brings more money back to Belmont County,” he said.

Coffland added that the road is currently in poor condition. It is a highly-traveled road connecting Bethesda to Morristown, Union to Goshen Townships. It will be milled and 2.5 inches as asphalt will be laid. Berms, center and edge lines will be added.

Commissioners received bids for a bridge replacement at Sand Hill Road. The bid came in at more than 10 percent higher than the engineer’s estimate, calling for an automatic rejection and re-bid. Commissioners turned the bid over to the engineer for review and recommendation, to determine if any adjustments can be made.

Commissioners motioned to approve and sign a proposal agreement form for Michael Baker Jr., Inc., in the amount of $2,499 for 107 PLM samples for the asbestos survey of the former Belmont Habilitation Center.

Commissioners motioned to adopt a resolution for the sale of four sheriff’s department vehicles to Meigs County.

Commissioners motioned to adopt amendments to the county Personnel Policy Manual regarding tools and supplies, specifying such items are not to be put to personal use and that violations will result in discipline up to and including termination.

Commissioner Ginny Favede was authorized to sign the DJFS quarterly financial certifications for April, May and June for Belmont County Public Children Services Agency, Child Support Environment Agency, and the public assistance fund.

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