Buckeye Local hires security firm

DILLONVALE – The Buckeye Local School District Board of Education unanimously approved a one-year contract with Mingo Junction-based company, START LLC, (Special Tactics & Rescue Training) during Monday’s meeting.

The contract brings the district one step closer to having highly professional threat and safety assessments developed for the various district buildings and and employees as well as recommendations developed subsequently and shared with the general public.

Founder and head of the company, Retired U.S. Navy SEAL Frank Hoagland, told board members the contract was signed early this month by START officials and his assessment team almost immediately began their initial efforts to move through the buildings with an unrelenting focus on identifying initial areas of concern to be addressed and resolved.

Hoagland’s team will continue to personally conduct the pass through research efforts at each site, develop an assessment and recommendations specific to each building to be shared with the board and, personnel from the district’s schools as well.

Hoagland was able to report to board members there have already been proactive changes initiated at the high school including adjustments to the district’s resource officer’s efforts.

He also told members of the board he has become aware of similar safety and prevention efforts surfacing in other local school district’s.

In an unrelated matter, Buckeye Local School District Bus Coordinator Scott Celestin reported to the board that he does not anticipate any major problems with today’s transportation of Buckeye Local students on their first day back to school for the 2013-14 school year.

According to Celestin, the changes in routes put in place last year are remaining largely the same, and therefore he is hopeful there will be few if any major issues surface relating to first day transportation hiccups.

The Buckeye Local School District’s drivers log approximately 2,000 miles daily by the time the last student drop off is accomplished at day’s end.

The district is currently waiting on receipt of a new bus to be delivered later this school year.

Celestin noted that should any problems or concerns arise in the opening days of the new school year, additional information or concerns can be conveyed to him by calling the central office at either 740-769-7395 or 740-769-2234.

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