Flushing building project discussed

FLUSHING – Construction of a village garage and maintenance of the newly constructed wall at Schuler Park drew attention at Flushing Village Council’s August meeting.

Village Administrator Jody Vancuren reported he had met with council’s planning and development committee to discuss the possibility of building a village garage at the lower end of the old school building. It would be used for backhoe and equipment storage.

Councilman Dale Holmes suggested checking into the cost of a garage. Vancuren said an architect would be needed, and he mentioned two or three architects who might be consulted. Mayor Barbara Bashline asked about a motion to explore prices with architects.

The need to figure out other costs such as a sewer and leveling of the ground was mentioned by Councilman John Jozwiak.

A motion was approved for Vancuren to pursue planning for the garage.

Dave Jones, representing the Flushing Ruritan Club, talked to officials about caring for and maintaining the new wall constructed at the entrance to Schuler Park. The wall, a Ruritan project, contains the names of people having an interest in the village or ties to the village, and the wall and a bell from the old school were dedicated in June.

Jones pointed out the Ruritan Club doesn’t want the wall to be a burden to council and the village but wants to be sure it is well maintained. The club has funds allotted for its maintenance.

Jozwiak asked Bashline about a resolution regarding the wall, and she agreed that a resolution will be prepared for consideration at the next meeting.

Councilmen Randy Twarog and Charles Campanizzi recently met with a representative of a paving company about work needed on Spring Street, Stratton Lane and Windy Point (Northwest Street) and also planned to meet with an individual from another firm about the matter. The three streets had been discussed at the July meeting.

An executive session regarding various personnel as well as water and sewer matters were held

After that session,council accepted the resignation of Don Barbe, who had worked on an as-needed basis in the police department, and hired Brad Mackey as a part-time officer. Mackey will serve the customary probationary period.

A Northwest Street resident reported about speeding all day on that street and also asked about a weight limit. Council said there is a weight limit. The resident also suggested speed bumps on the street.

Police Officer Don Collette assured the resident that the police would be out there to take care of the problem.

Officials considered the possibility of speed bumps on that street, but no action was taken.

Vancuren reported the pump is back and in operation on Station Hill, a leaking hydrant at the sewer plant was replaced and ditches were cleaned on Stratton Lane where work will continue.

He informed village officials about several things that need to be done and asked for direction from council about what should be done first. Councilmen Holmes, Jozwiak, Twarog and Campanizzi planned a meeting to discuss the matter.

Vancuren also suggested about checking about upgrading mowing equipment during the winter when there are sales.

The village administrator reported the village has some water and sewer meters left for replacement, but the company which manufactured them no longer is doing so. Bashline indicated eventually, officials could talk about a whole new meter system.

Reporting on the ongoing efforts regarding junked cars Collette said letters are being sent out regarding needed action on such vehicles.

Council approved a motion to continue with the current employee health insurance. A representative from Cook Insurance had talked to officials last month about renewing the coverage.

The financial report presented by Clerk-Treasurer Jeryl McGaffick was approved.