Fregiato sworn in to new position

ST. CLAIRSVILLE – Belmont County Common Pleas welcomed a new judge to the bench Friday with the official swearing in ceremony of Frank Fregiato. Fregiato was sworn in by Belmont County Common Pleas Court Judge John M. Solovan II. He thanked Solovan and pledged to continue to fairly, humbly and impartially serve the people of the county.

He credited the support of his family and gave special recognition to his law partners, secretaries, the Northern Division Court clerks and his new staff.

“We are very passionate about pursuing the court, and we’re excited, and we’re going to use a combination of understanding, compassion and toughness. You need a combination of all of those in order to pursue the justice system in America, and we will be pursuing that and we’re excited to get started Monday,” he said.

He has served on the bench at the county court level for 16 years, and has practiced law for 36 years.

“The cases in terms of the civil amounts are larger,” he said.

“In the criminal matters they’re all felonies, but I’ll be pursuing it with the same passion I’ve pursued at the county court level.”

Fregiato has been familiarizing himself with the ongoing cases and is confident of concluding them in good order.

“I’ve been up here all week reviewing all the files and I’m ready to hit the road running,” he said.

He will hold his first common pleas court session Monday in the courthouse.

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