Health care services renewed

ST. CLAIRSVILLE – Belmont County commissioners motioned to approve an allocation of $25,000 to Wheeling Health Right for Fiscal Year 2013 for the provision of health care services and medication for low-income, uninsured residents.

Wheeling Health Right provides services to more than 3,500 Belmont County residents.

“This is something that’s been very important to the commission for years,” said Commissioner Charles R. Probst, Jr., noting the importance of providing services to residents facing difficulty in obtaining health care. “This is great for our residents and we’re just happy to do it.”

Kathie Brown, executive director of Belmont County Division of Wheeling Health Right, thanked the commissioners on behalf of the patients.

“It’s a hand-up, it’s not a hand-out,” she said. “You are doing something that is so important for those 3,500 people. Even with the Affordable Care Act coming in, I see us being busier than ever.”

She noted the shortage of providers in the area, and that some patients would not qualify.

“Every penny that you give us is used for patients. There’s no administrative money in that at all. It’s used to provide their care and provide their medicine.

In addition, many workers resulting from the incoming oil and gas industry and new hotels are patients of theirs.

Currently, 150 physicians donate services, as well as seven hospitals in the area.

“It’s a team effort. It truly is. The physicians are amazing, we’re very lucky to have the physicians that we have,” she said.

The commissioners seconded their appreciation.

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