Jay Stock receives another award

MASTER Photographer Jay Stock, who recently observed his 90th birthday anniversary, is continuing to receive honors.

Stock referred to the latest honor – the “Artistry in Photography Award” from the Maine Professional Photographers Association – as a birthday present.

The award was conceived and requested by members LeeAnn LaFleur and Barbara Tobey for Stock in recognition of his 90th birthday anniversary and for what he has done in his lifetime to elevate photography to excellence. LaFleur and Tobey are Stock’s former students, and they are in charge of the Maine workshop once operated by Stock.

“They gave it to me for my birthday,” said Stock. “That’s a really nice birthday present.”

This honor in tribute to his advancement of fine art photographic prints will be awarded at the 65th annual Maine Photographic Exposition and Convention planned March 7-10, 2014, in Brunswick, Maine.

Stock is being recognized for the “outstanding highest achievement for artistry in photography, showcasing artistic vision and a mastery of photographic technique and skill.”

LaFleur and Tobey noted Stock’s “lifetime endeavor to elevate photography to excellence through his teachings of the fundamentals and through his encouragement of personal growth in pursuing one’s own individual style and vision.”

The two women pointed out that when Stock passed his Maine workshop on to them in 2006, they decided to follow in his footsteps.

“Jay’s majestic infrared landscapes, his soft, pastel impressionistic images, his documentary work of different cultures, the essence of capturing the dance in his Degas style portraits, the beauty of the lighting traveling through his studies of black and white nudes, and so much more touched a chord in all who studied with him and viewed his images. He taught us how to use F stops and shutter speeds, selective focus, light and composition to create the mood to better tell the photographic story,” they noted.

Stock’s teachings, however, weren’t limited to photography, according to LaFleur and Tobey.

“On a more personal note, we feel we would not have become the people we are today had it not been for Jay Stock, and the person he is. Jay has taught us life lessons … for instance, be interested in everyone and everything around you, don’t judge but listen, not only to the words but to the sounds around you.

“Jay has touched the lives of many, many people across this country and around the world. Those of us who know him, know how blessed we are to have him in our lives.”

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