Nail polish policy is rescinded

BELMONT COUNTY CVS Pharmacy had briefly considered an in-house policy of restricting the sale of nail polish remover and other items containing acetone, an ingredient in methamphetamines. However, the policy was rescinded recently.

According to a release from CVS PR Director Mike DeAngelis, the decision was made after thoroughly reviewing policies for the sale of products that contain acetone.

“In most states we will no longer require customers to present an ID to purchase these products, including nail polish remover,” he stated.

“To comply with certain regulations requiring retailers to record sales of products containing ingredients used in the illegal manufacture of methamphetamine, we will continue to require ID for the purchase of acetone products in Hawaii and the purchase of iodine products in California, Hawaii and West Virginia.”

He added that further policy changes regarding purchasing limits and age requirements may be implemented in the future.

The policy was initially instituted in southern New England in the past few weeks.

Belmont County Sheriff David Lucas said the issue did not touch on law enforcement, since it was a proposed in-house policy and the items for sale do not violate FDA regulations. He added that methamphetamines were not currently a problem drug in the local area.

Belmont County Drug Task Force Commander John McFarland said the task force continually kept up to date on the latest drug trends in the area. He noted that cases of methamphetamine use were rare in Belmont County.

He added that addicts and others in the trade of illicit drugs are inventive in finding new ways to derive drug effects from legal items.

Local store managers were not permitted to comment.

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