November ballot filled with contests

ST. CLAIRSVILLE – It may be an off-year election in 2013, but the Nov. 6 ballot will be an important one in Ohio as voters decide township, school board and municipal races.

Two trustees are to be elected in most townships, and three school board members are to be chosen in most school districts.

In addition, most municipalities with populations below 2,000 will be selecting four council members and other officers.

The deadline to file for non-partisan office in Ohio is 4 p.m. Wednesday. Offices on the ballot are for four-year terms.

“An off-year election is a lot more technical,” said Belmont County Board of Elections Director William Shubat. “People will be voting on trustees, school board members, issues … a multitude of things that affect you directly.

In Belmont County, four council members are to be elected in the following municipalities: Barnesville, Belmont, Bethesda, Bridgeport, Brookside, Flushing, Holloway, Morristown, Powhatan Point and Yorkville.

In Shadyside, a mayor and all six council members will be chosen, as will three board of public affairs members.

St. Clairsville also will hold its municipal election in November.

Voters there will elect a council president, and council members representing wards 1-4.

While two trustees will be elected in most townships, Mead Township voters also will see a race for an unexpired term for fiscal officer.

Four council members are to be elected in Adena, Amsterdam, Bergholz, Bloomingdale, Dillonvale, Empire, Irondale, New Alexandria, Rayland, Richmond, Smithfield, Stratton, Tiltonsville, Wintersville and Yorkville.

Mayors are to be elected in Adena, New Alexandria, Stratton, Tiltonsville and Yorkville, and one board of trustee member also will be chosen in Adena, Smithfield, Stratton and Yorkville.

Mingo Junction residents will elect a treasurer and two council members. In Toronto, council members will be selected in wards one through four.

In Harrison County, voters will elect four council members in Bowerston, Deersville, Freeport, Harrisville, Hopedale, Jewett, New Athens and Scio.

The requirements needed to run for each office can be obtained by calling boards of election offices in Belmont County at 740-526-0188; Harrison County, 740-942-8866; Jefferson County, 740-283-8522; and Monroe County, 740-472-0929.