Powhatan mayor gets appointment

ST. CLAIRSVILLE – Mayors of cities and villages in Belmont County met briefly Wednesday evening at the Belmont County Disaster Services Operation Center on Bannock Road.

Topping the agenda was a need for the group to appoint someone to the Belmont County Sub-Committee which is responsible for prioritizing and assigning standardized points to applications being filed for financial assistance on behalf of individual public entities within the county, and then submitting them to District 18 of the Ohio Public Works Commission for final approval.

Bellaire Mayor Vince DeFabrizio, nominated Mayor Mark McVey of Powhatan Point for the post.

He accepted the nomination and assignment to this responsibility, a move unanimously supported by the group of mayors present for the meeting.

In addition to Mayors DeFabrizio and McVey others in attendance at the meeting were: Barb Bashline of Flushing, Tom Michelli, now the former mayor of Barnesville, Ron Bischof, current mayor of Barnesville and Blair Closser of Yorkville.

McVey abstained from participating in the vote.

Also in attendance at the meeting were Dave Ivan, director of the Belmont County Emergency Management Agency Local Emergency Planning Committee and Becky Horne, executive administrative assistant.

Among items discussed with the group of mayors from across Belmont County were basic details of an upcoming commodity flow study to be conducted at a certain point on the nearby interstate.

Ivan reminded the group his office had been responsible for conducting just such a study one year ago, and noted respective results for each of the two years’ data gathering efforts will be reviewed independently reviewed and compared.

The point of the information gathering will be to assess what specific materials are in fact being transported over the interstate section of the roadway within Belmont County, specifically from initial identifications gleaned from vehicles displaying standardized cards noting specific types of materials and confirming how they are being shipped, in order to assess, train, and prepare for potential situations that could involve reportable incidents

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