Registered offender back in jail

BARNESVILLE – Kevin Farr was sentenced to three years in prison back in Nov. of 2010 on an unlawful sexual conduct with a minor charge.

He was released from prison under the supervision of the Ohio Adult Parole Authority in Nov. of 2012.

Farr is back in jail after turning himself in to Belmont County Sheriff’s Office deputies Thursday.

He’s awaiting a parole revocation hearing and a possible new criminal charge.

Wednesday, Farr approached the victim of the 2010 crime at a Barnesville restaurant according to a report from the BCSO.

He spoke to the victim and asked if she remembered him, to which she replied know.

The report states he continued conversing with the victim, eventually stating that she should remember him as its “only been four years.”

The victim then realized who Farr was and become upset.

Farr left the area but after an investigation headed by BCSO detective Ryan Allar, the parole authority issued a detainer against Far.

The original charge Farr was convicted of stemmed from Farr traveling from his home in?Indiana to meet the then 14-year-old victim.

The report states the victim was deeply concerned as to how Farr was able to find her.