St. C. Library going high tech

ST. CLAIRSVILLE – The second floor of the St. Clairsville public library is undergoing some changes.

The site of the former genealogical section of the library has been moved further back in the second floor.

The move was necessary to make way for a technology center that will be come the digital focal point of the library.

“The center is being built with donations,” said Sheila Perkins, director the library. “We’re adding all new computers, new tables and creating a tech center so that we have a place to have our classes.”

The library currently offers instructional classes on programs like Microsoft Word and Excel, along with basic internet usage instruction and computer function.

While those 40-and-under have either grown up with technology or become accustomed to it at an early age, there is still a large section of the population who has a fleeting relationship with computers, at best.

It’s the library’s mission to help these citizens gain an introduction to computers and become comfortable in their use.

“There are a lot of people that haven’t used or don’t have computers,” Perkins said. “As technology changes, now everything is going to touchscreens with Windows 8 and there are a lot of new concepts.

“So we’re still going to be offering those types of services.”

Perkins said the library has been mulling this decision over for around five years. It’s a move that needed to be made.

The problem was having the space. They were trying to figure out how to rearrange the building, offering more room for computers while not detracting from any other services or sections provided by the library.

They decided to consider relocating the genealogical section and approached the members of local groups like the Cumberland Trail Genealogical Society, along with the Sons and Daughters of the American Revolution and solicited their input.

The groups were supportive of the move.

All of their documents used in research will still be housed in the library. Now, there will be more computers at their disposal that be helpful in research. The library does have access to and Heritage Quest Online, so with more computers available, that translates into less waiting.

Perkins believes 12 additional computers will be purchased to go with facilities’ current inventory.

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