Still making memories

ADENA The members of the Adena Alumni Association could teach a lesson having pride in your school and community.

Saturday, Aug. 17, the annual alumni association’s reunion will be held at the Hopedale Social Hall, starting at 5 p.m.

In recent years, the association has honored Adena graduates who have distinguished themselves in some way, whether that be in the realm of sports, business, politics, civic duty, etc.

These reunions are always well attended, with folks coming from far and wide back to the area for a chance to celebrate and reminisce.

Keep in mind, the school was consolidated first into Buckeye West High School for the 1973 school year and later into Buckeye Local High School. There’s no steady supply of freshly-graduated members to fill the association’s ranks.

Members of the association erected a memorial monument, honoring those that passed through the doors of Adena High School, up until its closure. Member Mitch Toto donated the massive stone for the monument.

And yet, the association members have found a way to outdo themselves yet again.

The original plan was to take a coat closet in one of the rooms from the former high school, now a community building on the west end of own, and convert that closet into a lengthy display case.

While this was being done, more ideas began to formulate about how best to honor the school, its rich history and its graduates.

The result is the Adena Alumni Memory Room.

That original display case is now 6-feet high and 12-feet long. It displays sports memorabilia from the Green Wave’s storied history, along with trophies and other items.

That’s just one wall though.

Another wall lists the names of every student who attended the school, broken down by year, from 1899 until 1972.

High above is an enlarged schedule from the 1949 football season, with various old-style football program covers lining the sides.

There are numerous vinyl panels, used to display old newspaper clippings, game recounts, along with information from yearbooks.

Some of the panels are hooked to a floor rack with movable arms for easy access. Work is in progress to display memories from each graduating class.

One wall is dedicated to honoring outstanding achievement in areas like sports, education, business, government, the arts, music and the community.

Above it is a 32 by 24 panoramic picture of the village itself. Below it, a plaque listing the names of the graduates honored at the alumni association banquet can be found. Close by, a book case houses yearbooks and albums containing newsworthy articles and information. There are 25 albums to date with more to follow.

A display for the school’s proud veterans is planned. The room will continuously be upgraded as more information and memorabilia becomes available. But much legwork has been done already.

The group decided that, instead of subjecting older yearbooks and other items to the constant wear and tear of being handled, that they would be scanned digitally and re-printed on vinyl. That will increase the longevity of the display items in the room.

While the room will not have set hours, those wishing to view the rich Golden Wave history can do so with a quick phone call. Alumni association members Rya and Lois Konkoleski (740-546-3918), Sandy Harubin (740-546-3155) or Jerry Anderson (740-546-3274) are available to come down and open up the room for you.

Anyone wishing to donate to the cause may send their contributions to: Adena Alumni Association, P.O. Box 125, Adena, Ohio 43901.