Tittle sentenced in final Sargus session

ST. CLAIRSVILLE Several sentences were handed down and pleas heard during Monday’s session of Belmont County Common Pleas Court.

Judge Jennifer L. Sargus presided during her last official day on the bench.

Barbara Ann Tittle, 37, 325 21st St., Bellaire, was sentenced on one count of obstruction of justice, a felony of the fifth degree occurring March 1, 2010. She was given a suspended sentence of one year with five years of community controls.

Her husband, Jared Luke Tittle, had been sentenced to life without the possibility of parole for 10 years for rape of a child. He was designated a Tier 3 offender.

Defense asked Sargus to consider that Tittle had no prior record beyond the misdemeanor level. Defense added that Tittle is employed and is recovering from post traumatic stress disorder. Sargus noted that Tittle also suffered abuse and had attempted to alert authorities.

William Leonard Ronquest, III, 32, 105 High St., Flushing, completed his two-year sentence for pandering sexually oriented material involving a minor, a felony of the second degree. He was given five years of community controls.

Kara Nicole Whitecotton, 25, incarcerated, was sentenced on one count of burglary, a felony of the fourth degree occurring July 26, 2012. She was given a suspended one-year sentence and three years of community based controls. Defense asked Sargus to consider the factors played by substance abuse, and that her co-defendant was the primary perpetrator.

Cody Williams, 22, 71866 Gas Station-Shippy Road, St. Clairsville, pleaded guilty to child endangerment, a felony of the third degree, and sexual battery, a felony of the third degree occurring May 14, 2013. He faces a maximum of eight years and designation as a Tier 2 offender. Sentence was set for Sept. 3. An EOCC evaluation was ordered. A partial five-year suspended sentence with six months jail and six months EOCC was recommended.

Warrants were issued for:

Kitty Jo Lewis, 34, 401 Dresden Ave., Steubenville.

Tanner David Meek, 19, 68137 Hammond Road, St. Clairsville.

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