Bus driver terminated at Harrison Hills

CADIZ During Thursday’s meeting of the Harrison Hills City Schools Board of Education, the board approved the termination of Lydia Millis, bus driver of 10 years, after an oversight resulted in a kindergartener being left unattended in a bus for close to an hour Sept. 10.

Superintendent Dana Snider said the incident occurred Sept. 10 on the morning route. The child fell asleep on the bus and was left there and later found by an employee at the bus garage.

Snider said the incident was a result of failing to follow procedure.

“Bus drivers are required to check their busses at the end of each route,” she said.

Snider added that there had been no previous problems with Millis.

In other matters, Administrative Assistant Duran Morgan reported on the first District Leadership Team meeting, noting that the three buildings will focus on math in the classroom this month and review data to map trends and target improvement.

Director of Operations Mark Kowalski reported a fifth pre-school bus route has been added, which has reduced travel time. This Tuesday should see a move to the new transportation center.

The Power Pure program has also been implemented last year to increase oil in buses and engine ware. Kowalski said they are seeing an increase to 30,000 miles out of an oil change for buses utilizing the program. An analysis will be done before further applying the program.

The district has also purchased new surveillance cameras for the buses. Each will hold four cameras covering different angles and the doors. Credit also went to maintenance employees.

In matters of buildings and grounds, the auction is set for Oct. 8. Items left over from re-organization will be auctioned off.

The district has also entered into a recycling agreement with the solid waste district. Dumpsters were delivered to the three buildings. Classroom containers are on the way. The district has also received a bid for paving at the grounds at the board office.

The district will also receive an ODE review of their National School Lunch Program.

Board approved Jesse Kosegi, Roxanne Kovacik, William Walker, and Karen Taylor as substitute teacher/tutors. Nick Yourkovich was accepted as assistant athletic director, Anthony Hayes as varsity wrestling assistant, and Brad Bryant as wrestling reserve.

In supplemental, board also approved Sarah Wilden as student council advisor, Anna Minalga as junior/senior OMUN advisor, and James Snodgrass in percussion. Adam Heaston was approved for supplemental marching band, and Andrea Stark for supplemental marching band/flags. She and Mike Yoho were also approved as chaperones. William Walker was approved as varsity assistant football volunteer coach.

Board approved Dylan Moore as IT tech substitute for the 2013-14 school year at up to 24 hours per week, $10 per hour.

Additional duties of varsity basketball boys were assigned to Justin Clifford for the 2013-14 school year. Board also approved Clifford’s resignation as pep club advisor and freshman class advisor.

In business and operations, Duran Morgan was appointed to the Puskarich Public Library Board of Trustees through Dec. 31, 2014.

Board approved the Ohio Resident Educator Summative Assessment Parental Consent form for videotaping.

Board approved a lease agreement with Amanda’s School of Dance from Sept. 13, 2013-Sept. 12, 2014.

Three intradistrict students were accepted under the open enrollment program.

The adult support groups Harrison Central Cheerleading Program and the Huskies Sports Foundation Incorporated were approved under the district’s liability policy.

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