Calling all finest, bravest

MARTINS FERRY The important role that our local police and fire department members play can never be overstated.

These men and women put on the uniform daily and put their lives on the line to protect the public.

Neither profession is a lucrative one, but if you poll these brave men and women, none will tell you they got into their lines of work because of the money.

They have a strong sense of duty, both to their job and to the communities they live and work.

For them, it’s an honor to serve the public.

There is a reason the are called either the “finest” or the bravest” in any community.

One needs only to see the fire department’s members rush into a burning building while others are running the opposite direction to see this on full display.

For this, among many reasons, the staff at The Times Leader wishes to honor those who choose to serve without special publication, Heroes.

This publication strives to pay homage to area police and fire departments by providing pictures, rosters and stories in effort to make these men and women more well known, and appreciated, in the public.

Our “Heroes” special section, now in its third year of publication, will come out with the paper on Oct. xxx.

In the meantime, we invite all local fire and police departments to submit their staff pictures, pictures of new trucks, cruisers and other equipment, their rosters of employees and any other additional information they’d like published.

The information and pictures can be emailed to News Editor Mike Hughes at

Additionally, if anyone in the general public has any stories about a local fire or police department member, perhaps when they’ve gone above and beyond the call of duty and had a positive effect on your life in some way, feel free to let us know as well.

The contributions of these public servants can never fully be appreciated, or paid back. We hope that this section, in some small way, can show our, and the public’s thanks, for everything these men and women do.

Hughes may be reached at