Compressor station discussed

ST. CLAIRSVILLE – Belmont County commissioners addressed upcoming oil and gas developments during their Wednesday meeting.

Commissioners also encouraged the public to attend an upcoming informational meeting at Colerain held by Spectra Energy. The meeting will address issues related to gas pipelines and compressor stations.

Spectra plans the installation of a 30-inch pipeline through the township. A proposed compressor station will be located off of Grange Hall Road. Commissioner Charles R. Probst Jr. noted that the original site for the station was intended for Mt. Pleasant, but due to public outcry the plans were changed.

However, Probst noted that many in Colerain were unaware of the intent to install the infrastructure in their area, although the four abutting landowners were notified. The meeting will allow guests to voice their concerns and ask questions. Probst noted that the installations will be in the vicinity of residential centers.

The meeting will be held Oct. 9, 5-7 p.m., at the social hall located at the old Hilltop School.

“It’s going to affect their lives in some way, shape or form, and they need to be aware,” said Probst.

Commissioner Ginny Favede added that the installation of infrastructure is a necessary stage of oil and gas investment.

“That pipeline is going to be a part of our Belmont County landscape for decades to come,” she said, adding that numerous compressor stations are also expected from many companies.

In addition, commissioners addressed questions about the dispensation of $3 million from an oil and gas lease signed during the prior meeting. Favede noted $2 million of sanitary sewer and water projects driven by economic development.

Commissioners were also asked for a more complete report of senior services activities and expenses.

Commissioner Matt Coffland noted that while the motion to transition senior services to a separate division was made last week, he repeated his reservations concerning the plan.

In other matters, commissioners approved changing the name of Warren Township Road 1545 to Wood Duck Roost Road, based upon the request of the Warren Township Trustees. Belmont County 911 and house numbering have approved the change.

Commissioners also adopted a resolution granting the interim director of the Department of Job and Family Services authority to hire Ed Duke as a part-time employee for the senior services unit. Duke will be compensated in accordance with the appropriate pay schedule for his position.

Commissioners approved the hiring of E. Roberta Brandon as a full-time housekeeping employee for the Buildings and Grounds Department for $8.87 per hour beginning Sept. 30. This is to fill a vacancy due to a resignation.

Commissioners motioned to adopt a resolution accepting the amounts and rates determined by the Belmont County Budget Commission and authorizing the necessary tax levies certifying them to the county auditor.

This action is necessary annually as part of the budgetary process. The board is accepting the county auditor’s estimates of revenues to be generated by the tax levies for Fiscal Year 2014.

Commissioners motioned to accept the criminal cost report for the period of Sept. 1, 2012-Aug. 31, 2013 as submitted by the sheriff’s office per the Ohio Revised Code.

Commissioners motioned to accept the estimate of $3,525 from Harris Computer Systems for an upgrade to the county’s accounting software that will allow single entry of invoices and provide improvised cost trafficking and reporting.

Commissioners motioned to approve and sign a Motorola Solutions change order for the county 911 project 25 Digital Radio Communications System to modify the contractual payment terms from a capital purchase to a Motorola Credit Corp. lease.

Commissioners motioned to approve and sign the survey authorization for PVR Marcellus Gas Gathering LLC, granting approval to enter upon Belmont County Sanitary Sewer District Three property to conduct survey work for a proposed transmission line.

Probst was authorized to represent the commissioners on the county sub-committee for Issue 2 Round 28 projects.

Commissioners approved Flushing’s application for the use of municipal street fund/vehicle license tax of $24,945 for two inches of asphalt on Spring Street and chipping and sealing of Stratton Lane. The estimated cost is $24,945. The fund will pay for all.

Commissioners motioned to approve the repayment of $26,952.81 donated by the Belmont County Tourism Council Dec. 12, 2012 as additional matching funds for the Sheriff’s Residence Project grant.

Commissioners motioned to enter into a vendor agreement with Bridgeport Gas on behalf of the DJFS for a maximum of $12,000 to provide gasoline to Title 21 eligible persons who have medical appointments outside the local area, effective Oct. 2, 2013-June 30, 2014.

Commissioners motioned to enter into a grant agreement with Ohio Development Services Agency for the Community Development Block Grant program totaling $190,000 Sept. 1, 2013-Feb. 28, 2015, to be administered by Belomar. Favede noted the continuing decrease of the fund.

Commissioners motioned to approve and sign a subordination of mortgage agreement in the amount of $46,200 regarding property owned by Daniel T. Sako, 1126 Howard St., Bridgeport, based on the recommendation of A.C. Wiethe, Belomar Regional Council.

Commissioners motioned to approve an addendum to the Belmont County Water and Sewer job classification handbook to update the existing job classification for both the distribution manager and project manager positions.

Commissioners motioned to approve the creation of four job classifications for the county Water and Sewer District. They are the positions of executive assistant, crew leader, wastewater plant manager, and water treatment plant manager.

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