EORH hosting stroke awareness program

MARTINS FERRY — Every four seconds someone in the United States suffers a stroke.

Every four minutes someone dies from a stroke in the U.S.

Strokes kill more people in the world every year than any other malady.

Those medical statistics are quite alarming.

With that in mind, two Eastern Ohio Regional Hospital nurses are taking the lead in championing the cause in getting vital stroke information out to the public.

Registered nurse Karen Wilkinson and ICU nurse Annette Ganz presented a program at last week’s Martins Ferry’s monthly Chamber of Commerce luncheon, hosted by the hospital. They outlined “F.A.S.T Times at EORH: A Stroke Awareness Health Fair.”

It will be held on Wednesday, Oct. 9 from 6:30-8:30 p.m. in the Ruth Brant/RH Wilson Rooms at EORH. It is free to the public. From 6:30-7:30 p.m., those in attendance will be invited to visit tables from the hospital departments as well as a myriad of vendors.

East Ohio Regional Hospital has partnered with OhioHealth. It has spawned a much more comprehensive and efficient network in stroke prevention and treatment.

OhioHealth includes some of the first hospitals in the state to receive a Primary Stroke Center certification from the Joint Commission. That designation goes to hospitals that exceed national standards for stroke care which means those staffs respond quickly and works more effectively.

F.A.S.T stands for the four critical ingredients dealing with strokes.

F is for Face. If one side of the face is drooping or numb, that is likely a sign of a stroke.

A is for arms. If a person is unable to lift one arm or if it is weak or numb, a stroke may be occurring.

S is for speech. If a person’s words are unintelligible or slurred, a stroke may be imminent.

T is for time. In the event of a stroke, every second counts to avoid the risk of brain damage. If you observe any of the aforementioned symptoms, call 9-1-1 for immediate medical assistance.

An impressive list of speakers are on tap for the Oct. 9 health fair. They include: Dr. John Freed (EORH emergency room); Dr. Kristin Johnson (neurologist at Riverside Methodist Hospital in Columbus); Dr. Fausto Lazo (medical director of long-term care at EORH); and Dr. Sarah Taylor (family practice at EORH).

Wilkinson and Ganz are hoping for a turnout of at least 200. Reservations are needed by calling 740-633-4179.

Refreshments will be served.

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