Ferry home plagued by hornets

MARTINS FERRY – Two women are faced with an infestation of hornets in their home, and few options available.

Cousins Anne Russell and Tina Bokanovich reside in a trailer on Dixon’s Run. Several days ago they noticed yellow hornets have infested the paneling of the bedroom and the outside of the trailer.

“I’ve been stung five times already,” said Bokanovich.

“We hear them constantly. I can’t even sleep in that room. They told us yesterday to block the room off completely,” Bokanovich said.

They have had to seal the door to the room with tape and plastic to keep the hornets contained. Bokanovich added that they are unable to afford an exterminator, since a down payment and monthly payments are necessary.

“We have no idea what to do,” Bokanovich said. “The furnace went out in February and we had to get a new one, and the water fixed, and now this. We’re financially strapped.”

Russell is on oxygen due to lung issues, but she is not old enough to receive aid. The health department has been notified, but has not contacted the pair.

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