Final wish granted for dog lover


Times Leader Staff Writer

DAPHNE S. VETULA, of Belmont, was only 42 years old when she died in 2012, and her family and friends want to keep alive her dream to care for animals.

She was a strong and active animal advocate and was especially moved by old and sick dogs.

Her mother, Carolyn Vetula, of Belmont, said Daphne’s death affected many people. “She always told family and friends that when she was able to retire she wanted to start a place to help the dogs.”

Daphne’s wishes are being kept alive by family and friends.

“After 18 months of exhaustive research, we are very happy to announce we have a virtual ‘Daphne’s Place,'” her mother said. “Each year on her birthday, Sept. 8, in her honor and memory, Daphne’s Place will cover the cost of the medical needs of the senior dogs at the Belmont County Animal Shelter. At first we had planned to build a building, but the cost and liability as well as other factors deterred us. We decided to use the funds to make donations to the county animal shelter to take care of the dogs. We feel certain Daphne would have given her approval.”

Carolyn Vetula said, “we are truly blessed by the generous donations from many people, and we wish to thank them from the bottom of our hearts. God bless you all.”

Mrs. Vetula requested that family, friends and others to do all they can to continue to support Daphne’s Place and her wishes by giving generously to keep alive her dream.

For information or to make a donation, call Carolyn Vetula at (740) 695-0195. Her address is 44301 National Road, Edlyn Rise, Belmont, Ohio, 43718-9741.

Calls can also be made to K.Adamson at (740) 695-4789. Her address is 70246 Crescent Road, St Clairsville, Ohio, 43950.

The email address is DAPHNE’S PLACE4DOGS@AOL.COM