Reading fun at UL

BELMONT-The old advertising slogan “Reading is FUN-damental” has come to life this week at Union Local Elementary School. Teachers and students asked parents and other family members to join them in the classrooms and participate in “Reading Days” on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Principal Dana Kendziorski proposed the idea after taking part in a similar event in a central Ohio district. “It’s very exciting,” she says. “I told the teachers about it, and they did all of the lessons and put it together. It helps parents become familiar with the curriculum and understand what the students are working on at home.”

Students did presentations and demonstrations for the guests, after which family members and the children worked on themed projects and activities together. For instance, in the second grade the theme was “citizenship,” also a focus theme in the school for September. Parents also had the option of eating lunch at the school or taking their children out for lunch. An estimated 200 parents and family members attended Tuesday’s (Kindergarten and first grade) and Wednesday’s (second and third grade) sessions per day.

Kendziorski and Superintendent Doug Thoburn think that hosting events like this will help build communication with the parents and the surrounding communities, especially since Thoburn and all three school principals are new to the district this year.

Parents and teachers were enthusiastic about the “Reading Days,” and the elementary school is planning to follow up with weeks for science, math and social studies later this school year.

Thoburn praises the district’s teaching staff in an “ever changing” educational system and says that the district is focused on making all-around student achievement the priority. He adds that partnership between teachers and parents “is essential to instill both positive reading skills and a value for educational achievement overall.”

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