Rep. Cera urges Kasich to support Yorkville mill

BELLAIRE – State Rep. Jack Cera (D-Bellaire) is urging the governor’s office and JobsOhio to continue their support in maintaining the future of the Yorkville mill.

“Restarting this plant is essential to the livelihood of many individuals in my district,” said Rep. Cera. “Manufacturing jobs are vital in providing the type of wages needed to raise a family in eastern Ohio.”

Throughout the last year, Rep. Cera has taken every opportunity to work with the administration to do all it can to maintain a future for the plant and the people that work there. This resulted in the announcement that Esmark would restart the Yorkville Mill.

Rep. Cera noted that the state EPA and its director worked to help Esmark resolve environmental issues at the site. The Governor attended the announcement in Yorkville and hoped that Esmark would make the necessary investments in the plant and restart operations. Esmark now appears to be backing out of the plan.

“The EPA director and the administration worked to help resolve the environmental cleanup issues presented by the U.S. EPA. It is disappointing that they would now appear to be backing out of their commitment to Yorkville,” Cera added.

Most recently, officials from Yorkville wrote the Belmont County lawmaker and asked that he do all that he can to make “this matter a high priority item.”

“Like the officials and families that are waiting to hear something positive on this endeavor, I know the important role this plant has for our economy, Rep. Cera said. “That is why I forwarded their letter on to the Governor for his consideration. It is my hope that the administration will work with those within the company who are trying to re-open the plant.”