Scouts donate boo boo bunnies

RAYLAND – Part of the Girl Scouts’ law is for its troop members to always strive to be helpful, caring, considerate and to make the world a better place.

Seventeen members comprising three troops from Rayland recently honored that commitment, taking time to think of their peers and try to help out young boys and girls in their time of need.

During camp this summer, the girls were working on a project that involved crafting an item to give.

Usually, this involves making up cards to be passed out at nursing homes, a bookmark or any number of other simple items.

The girls wanted to take it a step further and decided that each would create a boo boo bunny.

They each took a wash cloth, rolled it up and folded it to look like a bunny. Each was then decorated and ready to pass out.

The troop members then felt that donating the bunnies to local fire and ems squads would be the best route to go. The men and women answering these emergency calls sometimes are called upon to assist kids at probably the lowest points in their lives.

Any little added comfort that could be given to help ease trauma of that experience, whether it be a car accident, house fire or any other tragic event, would be a blessing.

And that’s just what they did.

Recently, members of local squads surrounding Rayland met up with the scouts and were each issued a few of the boo boo bunnies to be taken out onto calls.

“They decided instead of giving them to a local hospital that we’d give them to the local EMS squads,” said Juniors Troop 5566 leader Erica Barath. “That way, if they had to help an injured child on a call, that child could hold onto the boo boo bunny.”

Five members from Barath’s troop, along with two from Daisy Troop 1008 and nine from Brownies Troop 1009 took part.

Barath explained the girls loved making the bunnies and if the squads tell the girls that the kids have been responding well to the bunnies, the girl scouts will keep making more to be passed out.

“They’ll be more than happy to keep making them. They love making them,” Barath said.

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